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The Bad: “Utøya 22. Juli” – Berlinale 2018

When will we finish with these films which cash in on recent traumatic events? When audiences stop paying to get their latest dose of torture porn. Utøya 22. Juli is just the latest of the genre and it brings nothing new to the table.

The audience follows the fictional character of Kaja as she tries to survive the attack at the Norwegian summer camp on the island of Utøya in 2011. 69 young people were killed that day, and for some reason director Erik Poppe felt that we needed a cinematic version of that horrible event.

With distractingly shaky camerawork and a story which involves practically no character development, all that is really left is the natural tension of children running for their lives. Without any further context, analysis, or artistic nuance, the natural exploitative aspect of the topic comes to the fore.

Unless you are the type who enjoys watching children psychologically tortured and murdered, this is probably a good one to skip.

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