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Berlinale 2018: Street Food Conspiracy

One of the highlights the past few years at Berlinale has been the introduction of food trucks next to the Potsdamer Platz Arkaden. Where once journalists and audience members had to battle it out for seats at the few, uninspired restaurants in the area, the introduction of the Street Food trucks brought some much needed flavor to the festival.

This year brings burgers, empanadas, kimchi, spätzle, and Mexican dishes to warm up attendees. But it soon becomes clear there is an abundance of vegan and vegetarian options and the only choice for meat lovers is a rather boring hamburger. As I am an avowed lover of meat, I investigated this matter and it turns out to be at the request from the head honcho of the festival. Apparently he is a vegetarian and wanted all of the trucks to feed us thusly, but upon negotiation one truck per festival is allowed to serve meat.

Delicious bowl of rice and kimchi and soy meat. Wouldn’t real meat make it better??

Now I am as much a fan of vegetarian food as the next omnivore, but I prefer to make that choice of my own accord and not to be pushed into it by the agenda of the powers-that-be. While the current more veggie-based food provided is certainly delicious, it could be perhaps more delicious with meat! What do we want? More meat at the Berlinale Street Food! And when do we want it? Now!

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