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The Good: “Isle of Dogs”

I turn my back
on mankind
Frost on windowpane

I went in to Isle of Dogs without knowing much about it except that it was to be animated in stop-motion. Considering I found the similarly styled The Fantastic Mr. Fox a good, but rather forgettable film, I didn’t spend much time thinking about this new animated film by the same director. Wes Anderson has always been hit or miss for me (although The Darjeeling Limited remains one of my all-time favorite films), so I wasn’t much looking forward to the opening film of the 2018 Berlinale. In a way, I think that was a good choice, because I was utterly surprised by this pastiche of Japanese culture and cinema. As such, I don’t want to say too much in order to facilitate a similar experience for everyone else. However, it is safe to say that Isle of Dogs fits firmly into Wes Anderson’s oeuvre, full of heartfelt whimsy and light social critique.

Don’t think too hard about the story, and just let yourself get swept along and Isle of Dogs promises to be thoroughly enjoyable ride.


Film Still: Isle of Dogs by: Wes Anderson © 2017 Twentieth Century Fox
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